How to access your Admin-To-Do List

This article explains how to access your Admin-To-Do List in FreeAgent.

Your Admin-To-Do List is part of FreeAgent’s Radar feature to help you stay on top of your business admin. You can turn on push notifications to receive a notification on your mobile device when you have a new task on your Admin To-Do List.

Please note that you’ll need level 7 access or above to follow the steps below.

Accessing your Admin-To-Do List

To navigate to the Radar area, select the bell-shaped icon beside your company name in the top-right of the screen. When there is a new task on your Admin To-Do List, a product update or an Insight for you to view, the bell icon will be animated and a yellow dot will appear.


New tasks will be shown under the ‘Admin To-Do’ tab. The number of new items will be shown in brackets beside the ‘Admin To-Do’ tab header. Any new or updated items on your list will have a thin yellow sidebar on the left-hand side.

Select ‘View Radar page’ at the bottom of the drop-down menu to view all your Radar items.

Radar copy.png

At the top of the Radar area is your Admin To-Do List. This is a checklist that highlights outstanding admin tasks, such as explaining bank transactions, updating your Open Banking bank feed and managing overdue invoices.

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 14.53.31.png

To resolve a task, select it from the menu. You will then be taken to the relevant area of FreeAgent to complete the task.

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