How to add notes to a contact

This article explains how to add a note to a contact in FreeAgent.

You might want to add a note to a contact for some additional information to share with your colleagues, such as the contact being a particularly slow or fast payer.

Adding a note

Select a Contact. Then select 'Notes'.


Type the text of the note you want to add, then select the 'Add Note' button.


Once you’ve done this, you’ll see the latest note added to the top of the list of notes for that contact.

Editing a note

To edit a note, select 'Edit'.


Make the changes, then save them with the 'Update Note' button.


Deleting a note

If a note is no longer required, say in this case once this contact’s wedding day has passed, select 'Delete' to remove the note.


FreeAgent will double-check that you're sure you want to delete the note. Select 'OK' if you're sure or 'Cancel' to keep the note.


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