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Creating your first invoice

Here's how you create, customise, make changes to and send your first invoice using FreeAgent. If you've been using FreeAgent for a while, here's a refresher.

1 Create a new invoice

Select 'Create your first invoice' on the Overview screen. You'll then see the 'New Blank Invoice Template' page.

Choose a client to invoice

Select from your existing contacts or ‘add a new contact’ for your invoice.


You can link the invoice to a project if you like, but that's optional.

Assign an invoice reference number

FreeAgent automatically gives your invoice a default reference number.


Enter the invoice date and set your payment terms

Enter the invoice date, along with your payment terms and the currency of the invoice. If you’ve set specific payment terms for your contact, these will be updated automatically.


Additional information

This appears on your invoice so don't put anything here that you don't want your client to see!


Select 'More Options' to show additional settings

Here you'll find other invoice settings such as automated invoice emails, reminders and discounts.

Finally select 'Create New Invoice'

This automatically saves, creates and shows you a preview of your new invoice.

2 Add some items to your invoice

Select the "Add an Invoice Item" button. This will bring up the ‘New Invoice Item’ screen.


Set quantity and unit

There is a "No Unit" option which will leave this column blank if required.


Add item details


Enter the price per unit price


Choose an income category

Choose which category in your accounts you want this item to appear in.


'Create and Finish' or 'Create and Add Another'

If this is the only item you need to add to your invoice, then select ‘Create and Finish’. If you're going to need to add more items, select 'Create and Add Another'.

3 Send the invoice

You’ve now created a new invoice and added some invoice items. You can choose to save the invoice as a .pdf for printing or for sending as an email attachment.


Alternatively, you can send it by email directly from within FreeAgent.


That's it, you've sent your first invoice

Learn more about invoicing

To learn more about invoicing functionality and features in FreeAgent please see the following articles:

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