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Export all data

Here's how to export your data from FreeAgent.

The is useful if you want to take a backup to keep on your own computer (though we do take automatic backups of your data every 5 minutes so that there's minimal risk of data loss). You will need full (level 8) access to FreeAgent to use the 'export all data' feature.

Select Settings, then choose Export All Data.


Select the Export All Data button.


This will export some of your data from FreeAgent into an Excel spreadsheet and will save a copy of it to your Files section in FreeAgent. The spreadsheet includes the following lists of information from your FreeAgent account:

  • bank accounts
  • categorised (i.e. explained) bank transactions
  • all bank transactions (including ones that aren't yet explained)
  • payslips
  • contacts
  • projects
  • invoices
  • estimates
  • bills
  • expenses
  • tasks
  • timeslips
  • VAT returns with net liability, accounting basis and flat rate scheme types only
  • recurring invoices

You can also export a PDF of your profit and loss report, balance sheet and trial balance for each year.

If you have a large amount of data in FreeAgent, the export process can take a while. You can leave the export screen at any time and we'll send you an email to let you know that your export is ready, along with a link to your exported data.

Backup data

We suggest that you keep a copy of all the attachments that you upload into FreeAgent, and we do recommend you save them into a service such as Dropbox so that you have a backup available.

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