How to import projects from Basecamp

This article explains how to import projects from Basecamp into FreeAgent.

Before you start

From the Work menu, choose Projects, then select 'Import Projects’. Then select to import your projects from Basecamp into FreeAgent.

You'll also need to first set up the contact for this project in FreeAgent, either by importing the contact from Basecamp or by setting the contact up within FreeAgent.

1. Import all your Basecamp projects

Navigate to the 'Work' tab at the top of the screen and select 'Projects' from the drop-down menu.


Select the 'Import Projects' button.


Select the ‘Import from Basecamp’ option from the Basecamp screen to start importing your projects into FreeAgent.


2. Review your imported projects

You'll then need to review your imported projects and choose which ones you want to bring into FreeAgent. Select the "Ready for review" link.


FreeAgent shows you a list of the imported projects. Choose which ones you want to import and tick the boxes next to those projects' names. Tick the box at the top of the list if you want to import all of them and make sure the projects are assigned to the correct contact.

When you’re ready, select the ‘Import’ button to bring the projects into FreeAgent.


FreeAgent will then import the project(s) and list them on your Projects page, ready for you to work with.

What if I choose the wrong project?

Just delete the project you don't want by selecting it and then selecting the Delete button. You can then re-run the import routine and choose the correct project from the list.

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