How to add recorded time to an invoice

This article explains how to add time that you've recorded in FreeAgent to an invoice so that you can bill it to your customer.

1. Create the invoice

Navigate to the 'Work' tab at the top of the screen and select 'Invoicing' from the drop-down menu.


Select 'Add New Invoice' and follow the steps for creating a new invoice.


Alternatively, you can create an invoice from the project that you created to track the time for, by navigating to the project and selecting 'Invoice' from the 'Add new' drop-down menu. 


When creating the invoice, select the relevant contact and project which you have recorded time against from the drop-down menus. Please note that these fields will be populated for you if you are creating the invoice from the project.


2. Add the time

To add time to the invoice, choose the relevant option from the 'Include Unbilled Items' drop-down menu. Please note that this will only include billable tasks, not unbillable tasks.


You can only add time to an invoice if it isn't already included on another invoice.

What if I don't want to add time?

If you don't want to add time to this invoice, leave the option as 'Don't include timeslips', which will be selected by default.

How does time display on the invoice?

You can either include all your time together on the invoice as one line item, include each timeslip as a separate line item, group timeslips by task or by date. Grouping timeslips by tasks is useful if you want to show your customer how much time you've spent printing their letterheads and how much you've spent on business cards, for example.

What dates will be included?

FreeAgent will only include time up to the date of the invoice. Any time dated after the invoice will be left unbilled, available to be included on your next invoice.

3. View the invoice

The invoice in the picture below displays timeslips that have been grouped by task.


The time will default to the 'Sales' category but you can select the button underneath that line on the invoice to allocate the time to a different category. If you need to, you can add a new category.

What happens next?

The billed time will then be locked in the 'Time Tracking' area and you won't be able to change it unless you delete this line item from the invoice. Please note that the invoice must be in 'Draft' status to be able to edit it. You can see which time has been locked in the 'Time Tracking' area as locked timeslips have padlock icons next to them.


For information on how to edit a locked timeslip, please see this article.

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