How to correct a billed timeslip showing as unbilled

This article explains what steps to take if you have recorded billed time against a project in FreeAgent but the time is showing as ‘unbilled’ in the project itself.

Why is my billed timeslip showing as unbilled?

The most likely explanation for a billed timeslip showing as unbilled is that after recording your time against a task, instead of choosing an option from the 'Include Unbilled Items' drop-down menu when you created the corresponding invoice, you added the time to the invoice as a separate line item.

How can I check whether any of my billed timeslips are showing as unbilled?

If you want to check whether any of your timeslips against a project are currently showing as unbilled in FreeAgent, navigate to 'Projects' from the 'Work' tab at the top of the screen. Select the project in question and then select the ‘Time’ tab to see a list of all the billed and unbilled timeslips recorded against the project.

Correcting a billed timeslip showing as unbilled

While it is possible to delete individual timeslips, doing so will remove the corresponding time tracking data from FreeAgent. In addition, if you delete a timeslip in error you will have to enter all the information again from scratch. We recommend following the steps outlined below instead. 

NB: if you have an account lock in place, you will need to remove it before you can make any adjustments.

  • Begin by navigating to ‘Invoicing’ from the ‘Work’ tab at the top of the screen. Open the invoice in question by choosing the invoice reference number displayed in blue next to the invoice due date.



  • Delete the invoice line item for the recorded time by selecting the ‘X’ icon at the end of the row and then selecting 'Delete Invoice Item'.


  • Select 'Edit'.


  • Choose one of the options for including time in the ‘Include Unbilled Items’ drop-down menu.


  • Save your changes and then select the ‘Mark as Sent’ button on the invoice.


The time that you recorded should now appear in the ‘Billed’ list of timeslips displayed in the ‘Time’ area of the project. If the invoice has been paid since you first issued it, remember to either explain the bank transaction for the payment again or enter it again if you add your bank transactions manually.

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