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Bank Feeds - Barclays Business Accounts

Bank Feeds automatically import transactions from your bank account into FreeAgent. This article explains how to set up a Bank Feed for a Barclays Business account. Please be aware that you will need to be registered for Barclays Business Telephone Banking to complete the process.

Barclays DataServices

If you're a Barclays Business customer, Bank Feeds are provided through Barclays DataServices - FreeAgent also provides Bank Feeds for other bank accounts. Barclays DataServices is a service for Barclays Business (but not currently Barclays Corporate) customers that automatically and securely transfers bank transaction information from Barclays to FreeAgent. As part of the setup process, FreeAgent will explain how to contact Barclays DataServices to securely authorise transaction import into FreeAgent.

Enabling Bank Feeds

Begin by selecting the ‘Banking’ tab in FreeAgent.

If you see the screen below, select ‘Enable Bank Feed’. FreeAgent will display this screen if you have either:

  • added your Barclays bank account details to FreeAgent, but haven’t manually uploaded any transactions
  • not added any bank account details to FreeAgent at all


If you’ve already added your Barclays bank account details to FreeAgent along with details of other bank accounts, you’ll see a list of your bank accounts when you select the ‘Banking’ tab. Choose your Barclays bank account from the list to view the details and then choose ‘Enable Bank Feed’


If your Barclays bank account is your only bank account in FreeAgent and you’ve already manually uploaded some transactions, you’ll be taken straight to the bank account details page displayed above when you select the ‘Banking’ tab. From there, choose ‘Enable Bank Feed’.

Search for ‘Barclays - Business’ in the banking services search box, select it and then choose ‘Next Step’.


FreeAgent will then prompt you to enter your Barclays sort code and account number. If you’ve already entered these details into FreeAgent, you will have an opportunity to review them and make any amendments if necessary.


If you want FreeAgent to guess explanations for your transactions based on previously explained transactions, tick the ‘guess explanations’ box. Transactions imported via Bank Feeds will be marked for review and will require an extra step of approval.

When you’re ready to continue, select ‘Next Step’.

Registering with Barclays DataServices

You will then be prompted to register with Barclays DataServices in order to authorise them to send your bank transaction data to FreeAgent.


If this is the first time you have set up a Bank Feed for a Barclays Business account, select ‘Register with Barclays DataServices’ to complete the process on the Barclays DataServices website. Remember that you will need to be registered for Business Telephone Banking to do this. (Alternatively, select ‘No thanks, I’m already registered with Barclays DataServices’ if this isn’t the first time you have set up a Bank Feed for a Barclays Business account.)

To complete the registration process, submit the required details on the Barclays DataServices form displayed below and make sure you agree to the DataServices Terms and Conditions.

Barclays DataServices form

The next page will display a registration token number and the DataServices phone number you need to call to activate the transaction feed; be sure to ask to be put through to Barclays DataServices when you call. You will need your token number handy, along with your bank sort code and account number. You will be asked which Barclays account you want to enable Bank Feeds for; please let the representative know if you want to enable Bank Feeds for more than one account.

BarclaysData Services registration token and updated phone number

Once you've registered with Barclays DataServices, return to FreeAgent and you'll be informed that new transactions will start appearing in your account within 48 hours.

Please note that Bank Feeds will only import transactions from the current day; historic transactions won’t be imported. You can, however, upload older transactions manually.

Dealing with multiple Barclays Business accounts

If you have more than one Barclays Business bank account, you can enable Bank Feeds for all these accounts when you contact Barclays DataServices as long as you tell the representative on the phone that you want to do this when you call. You will still need to add the details of all the accounts individually with FreeAgent by using the process we’ve outlined above, but when you reach the Barclays DataServices registration page, you simply need to select the ‘No thanks’ link to complete the setup process.

If you didn't arrange to enable Bank Feeds for more than one Barclays Business bank account when you first called Barclays DataServices, you will still need to select the 'Register' button and complete the full registration process.

Transaction dates

Any transactions that take place at the weekend or on a bank holiday will be dated the next working day, and will appear in FreeAgent the day after that. For example, if you log into your bank account on bank holiday Monday 7th May and pay a bill to a supplier that day, Barclays will date that transaction Tuesday 8th, and you'll see it in FreeAgent on the Wednesday. The Bank Feeds operate every day between Tuesday and Saturday (except bank holidays such as Good Friday), in order to pull in transactions dated Monday to Friday.

Disabling Bank Feeds for Barclays Business accounts If you need to disable your Barclays Bank Feed at any time, navigate to the appropriate bank account in the ‘Banking’ section of FreeAgent. Select 'More', and then 'Disable Bank Feed'.


When you disable the Bank Feed for your account, FreeAgent will no longer process any transaction data sent by Barclays DataServices. However, in order for Barclays DataServices to stop sending data for your account, you will need to call Barclays directly on 02476 842 170 to confirm that you want to disable DataServices.

If you disable a Barclays Bank Feed by accident

As long as Barclays DataServices are still enabled for the account in question (which will still be the case if you haven’t called Barclays to cancel), you can enable your Bank Feed again by following the process outlined above and selecting the ‘No thanks’ link on the registration screen to complete the process. As DataServices only sends transactions for the current day, though, please be aware that your FreeAgent account may be missing some transactions that were sent while your Bank Feed was disabled. You’ll need to manually add any transactions from this period that are missing.

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