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Editing clients' payslips

This article explains how to edit your clients’ payslips in FreeAgent.

1 Switch to the client's account

Occasionally you might find that you need to correct a client’s payslip from a previous payroll month in the tax year. HMRC’s advice is to correct an error by updating the year-to-date figures in your next regular Full Payment Submission. You can do that in FreeAgent by following the steps outlined below.

Begin by navigating to ‘My clients’ from your Practice Dashboard.

Find the relevant client from the list and then select the ‘Switch to’ button, which will appear when you select the space on the right-hand side of the listing. This will take you into the client’s FreeAgent account.


2 View the payslip you want to edit

From your view of the client's account, navigate to ‘My Money’ and ‘Payroll’. Select the appropriate payroll month from the list in the ‘Payroll’ area.

Next, choose the ‘View payslip’ button that appears alongside the details of the employee whose payslip you need to edit. To edit more than one payslip, please follow this process separately for each employee.


From the view of the employee’s payslip, you will see an ‘Edit payslip’ button.


Please note that the ‘Edit payslip’ feature won’t be available if you are trying to edit any of the following:

  • a month 12 payslip
  • a historical payslip of an employee who has a leaving date entered into their payroll profile
  • a payslip for a historical tax year

If you need to edit any of these types of payslip, please email for assistance.

3 Edit the payslip

If you’re editing any other kind of historical payslip, select the ‘Edit payslip’ button and then edit the required fields on the payslip. Select ‘Save changes’ when you’ve finished.



The employee’s payslip for that month will automatically be updated on the screen. You can select the ‘Save as PDF’ button to save and then share the updated payslip with the employee or client.

Editing a payslip in this way will update the client’s year-to-date figures in FreeAgent immediately, but please note that HMRC won’t receive the client’s updated information until the following month’s payroll submission.

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