How to close a client’s account

This article explains how to close a client’s account on your Practice Dashboard.

If your client stops using FreeAgent, you can change the status of their account on your Practice Dashboard to ‘Closed’.

Alternatively, if the client is moving to another practice or you no longer need to keep the data, you can remove the client from your dashboard instead.

Once a client’s account has been closed, account managers will have read-only access to the account but the client won’t be able to access the account at all.

Please note that once you’ve closed an account, you won’t be able to change the account status back to ‘Active’ and reopen it. Therefore, please make sure that you’ve completed all the required tasks in the account and exported any data that you might need before following the steps below.

Closing a client’s account

To close a client’s account, select the ‘My Clients’ tab and select the relevant client’s name from the list.

Select client.png

Next, select 'More' and choose ‘Close client’s account’ from the drop-down menu.

Close clients account.png

Select a reason for removing the client from the ‘Reason’ drop-down menu and select ‘Close client’ to complete the process. Please note that if you select ‘Other’, you’ll need to enter additional information in the ‘Details’ box.

Close client's account.png

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