How to create a project from an estimate

This article explains how to create a new project from an estimate in FreeAgent.

1. Select the estimate to work from

Open the estimate under Work > Estimates, then select the More button, and choose Create Project from Estimate.


2. Enter the details of your project

Give it a name, and choose whether you want to convert the items on the estimate to tasks on the project, or create your own tasks.

Put in a default billing rate for tasks on this project.

Tick the box at the bottom if you want to mark the estimate as approved.


3. Create your project

Finally, select 'Create Project' to save your project.


FreeAgent will then take you to the 'Projects' screen for this project.


You can see on the 'Tasks' tab that the items from the estimate have been included as tasks.


You're now ready to start working with your project

You can now go ahead and start adding tasks, adding expenses or mileage, and invoicing your clients for the work you've done on a project.

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