PAYE & NI in FreeAgent

This article explains where to find the PAYE and NI screen in FreeAgent, and a bit about what it contains.

Please note that FreeAgent's payroll functionality won't be available if you have an unincorporated landlord or non-UK account type, or if you're preparing your accounts using cash basis accounting.

Where should I look for the PAYE and NI screen?

Navigate to the 'Taxes' tab at the top of the screen and select 'PAYE & NI' from the drop-down menu.


You won't see this option until you've entered at least one user who is on the payroll, that is, a user who is an employee or a director.

Selecting Taxes > PAYE and NI brings up the PAYE and NI screen, which looks like this.


OK, found it. What does it show me?

What you'll see here is a list of all the PAYE and NI due which FreeAgent picks up from the Payroll screen under My Money.

You can also see any payments that you entered to the PAYE/NI category, which show here as money paid to HMRC in respect of your PAYE. If you're paying these off monthly, then you'll see the amounts due and paid coming out of the account one after the other. If you're paying your PAYE and NIC quarterly, then you'll see three amounts due followed by one amount paid.

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