How to export an account transactions report

This article explains how to export a report of transactions across all of the practice's active clients.

In the account transactions report, credit transactions are displayed as negative values and debit transactions as positive values. This means that transactions against profit and loss accounts will show income transactions as a negative and costs as a positive, while balance sheet transactions will show assets as positive and liabilities as negative.

To export an account transactions report, log in to your Practice Dashboard and select the ‘Reports’ tab.

Reports tab.png

Select ‘Account Transactions’ from the list of ’Report Types’.


Next, you will need to choose the time period, business type, account type and select which clients you’d like to export the report for.


Time period

Select a time period for the report using the calendar icons. Please note that the maximum time period for a report is one year.

Business type

Choose either 'UK Limited companies', 'UK Sole Traders' or 'UK Unincorporated Landlords' from the ‘Business Type’ drop-down menu. Due to the different chart of accounts structure for each business type, you cannot generate a report which includes both sole traders and limited companies. Instead, you will need to generate two separate reports.

Please note that the account transactions report is not available for partnerships or LLPs at this time.

Account type

An account type is a way of grouping nominal accounts together, so that more than one nominal account is returned (reported) for any given account type - for example, 'Turnover'. Select the relevant option from the ‘Account Type’ drop-down menu.

Account types are assigned to nominal accounts; either by FreeAgent for standard accounts, or for custom spending categories created by you or your client. Account types are a way of filtering in FreeAgent and will be consistent across your clients, as opposed to nominal accounts which can differ. All nominal accounts will, however, appear in the account transactions report. Sub-accounts will also be displayed, including employee and bank sub-accounts.


Select which clients you'd like to export the report for from the 'Clients' drop-down menu. You can either select all of the clients on your Practice Dashboard or only the clients that are assigned to you.

Once you’ve chosen the relevant time period, business type, account type and which clients to export the report for, select ‘Generate Report’.

Next, the report will appear in your browser as a .zip file, which will automatically download to your computer. Unzip the file to access a CSV file of the report, which you can then open in your preferred spreadsheet software. The file will also be sent to the email address associated with your FreeAgent account.

If the .zip file doesn’t download automatically, select the 'manually download it here' link and follow the same process as above to access the report using your preferred spreadsheet software.


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