How to make corrections in a previous VAT registration period

This article explains how to make a correction in FreeAgent that falls into a previous VAT registration period.

If the correction relates to a transaction dated in a current VAT registration period, find out how to make corrections in a VAT locked period.

Once the final VAT return of a VAT registration period has been filed, or marked as filed, the VAT registration period is locked and changes can’t be made to any of the VAT returns that fall within that period.

HMRC doesn't allow corrections from one VAT registration period to be reported on a VAT return filed with a different VAT registration number. This means that if you have set up an additional VAT registration period after previously de-registering for VAT, any changes you make involving VAT to invoicesbills, bank payments and expenses dated in the original VAT registration period will not be included on a VAT return in your new VAT registration period.

Instead, the VAT effects of the changes will be posted instead to account ‘817 VAT’. You can view the correction on your VAT ‘Statement of Account’ by navigating to the ‘Taxes’ tab at the top of the screen and selecting ‘VAT’ from the drop-down menu.


You will then need to write to HMRC about the error and they will advise on how to pay or reclaim any VAT due.

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