Connecting to Stripe on mobile

This article explains how to use the FreeAgent mobile app to connect Stripe to your FreeAgent account.

Please note:

Tap the three-lined 'hamburger' icon at the top-left of the FreeAgent mobile app and select your business name.

Screenshot showing business name highlighted.jpg

Select ‘Payment solutions’ in the ‘Connections & Add-ons’ section.

Screenshot showing payment solutions highlighted.jpg

Select ‘Connect +’ to the right of the Stripe option.

Payment solutions screen with Stripe highlighted.jpg

Select 'Connect my Stripe account'.

Connect with Stripe screen.png

Enter the email address associated with your Stripe account and select ‘Continue’ to connect your Stripe account to FreeAgent.

Screenshot showing Stripe sign-in screen.jpg

Once you've connected to Stripe, you can start accepting debit and credit card payments for your FreeAgent invoices.

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