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How to enable a credit card bank feed

This article explains how to set up a credit card bank feed. These bank feeds automatically import transactions from your credit card account into your FreeAgent account.

Instead of having to upload electronic statements, just connect your FreeAgent account to your online credit card account and we’ll import your transactions.

The import usually happens automatically but if your credit card provider requires you to answer additional security questions, you will have to press a button to make the import happen each time. Both options are covered in this article.

1 Choose your credit card account

Select ‘Banking’, then choose the credit card account you want to enable a credit card bank feed for, for example, a Barclaycard.


Select the ‘Enable Bank Feed’ button from your credit card bank account options.


2 Choose your credit card provider

Choose your credit card provider from the ‘popular options’, or search for your credit card provider by using the text box. Some credit card providers have multiple card types.


3 Enter you credit card login details

Enter your login details for this credit card account, agree to the Yodlee terms and then select the ‘Next Step’ button. Login details differ from credit card providers, so this screen could include other fields.


Depending on your credit cards level of security, you’ll see one of two possible screens next. You may see the following:


This message means you don’t need to answer any further security questions, and Yodlee is now finding your credit card account. This could take up to five minutes - don’t navigate away from this page as this will cancel your bank feed setup.

Alternatively, you’ll see the following screen:


Yodlee is now checking to see if your credit card provider requires you to answer further security questions in order to enable your credit card bank feed. You’ll then be prompted to answer those questions, which may appear similar to these:


This is followed by confirmation that Yodlee is finding your credit card account:


If your login details are not accepted, double check that you've picked the correct credit card provider as there may be multiple credit card options available for your provider. If you're certain that this is correct, log in to your credit card provider website directly to check that your credit card provider website is allowing you to log in right now.

4 Select the credit card account you want enabled

Once Yodlee has found your credit card account, confirm which one you want to enable the feed for.


Selecting 'Guess explanation for bank transactions' allows FreeAgent to guess explanations for your transactions based on previously explained transactions. Transactions imported via credit card bank feeds will be marked for review and will require an extra step of approval.


The final step is to select ‘Enable Bank Feed’.


That's it! So what happens next?

You should see a new credit card bank feed panel on your credit card account page:


Once the first batch of transactions have been imported from your credit card provider (which can take up to 24 hours), the bank feed panel will display the date and time of the latest and next imports:


If your credit card provider requires you to answer extra security questions for your credit card bank feed, you’ll see an ‘Import new transactions’ button displayed in the Bank Feed panel. Selecting this button will import new transactions. If you don’t see this button your credit card transactions will be imported automatically every 24 hours.

Please make sure you select ‘Import new transactions’ at least once every 30 days to ensure all transactions appear.


The bank feed panel will also let you know whenever there are technical problems preventing new transactions from being imported:


As you use the feeds on an ongoing basis, it’s a good idea to check your account balance regularly against your credit card statements to make sure that everything lines up.

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