How to export a payroll report

This article explains how to export a report of the payroll totals of all of your clients’ employees for the current or previous tax year.

The payroll report will show all of your clients' employees, enabling you to see the totals for their pay, tax, NI etc. for the years that you selected. The totals shown will include migration figures that have been entered in an employee’s payroll profile. This allows you to check that the correct payroll amounts have been run for all of your clients.

To export a payroll report, log in to your Practice Dashboard and select the ‘Reports’ tab.

Reports tab.png

Select ‘Payroll’ from the list of ’Report Types’.


Choose the period that you’d like to export from in the ‘Tax year’ drop-down menu and select ‘Generate Report’.


Next, the report will appear in your browser as a .zip file, which will automatically download to your computer. Unzip the file to access a CSV file of the report, which you can then open in your preferred spreadsheet software. The file will also be sent to the email address associated with your FreeAgent account.

If the .zip file doesn’t download automatically, select the 'manually download it here' link and follow the same process as above to access the report using your preferred spreadsheet software.


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