How to grant FreeAgent’s support team access to a client's account

This article explains how to generate an account manager ID, which will allow the FreeAgent support team to access a client’s account.

We take the security and back-up of our customers' data very seriously and FreeAgent staff don’t have routine access to your client's account data or numbers. Here's how to provide the FreeAgent support team with access to a client's account.

1. Switch to your client’s account

From the ‘Clients’ area of your Practice Dashboard, navigate to the ‘My Clients’ tab and select ‘Switch to’ next to the relevant client to view that client’s account.

Switch to client.png

2. Enable FreeAgent technical support access

There are two ways to access the ‘Support Access’ area of your client’s account: you can select ‘Support Access’ from the bottom of any page.


Alternatively, select 'Settings' from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of FreeAgent and then choose 'Support Access' from the ‘My Company’ area.


By default, ‘FreeAgent Technical Support Access’ will be set to ‘Disable access’ and the ‘Support Access’ bar on the right-hand side will be set to ‘Inactive’.


To allow FreeAgent’s support team to access your client’s account, select the ‘Grant access’ option in the ‘FreeAgent Technical Support Access’ area.

An ‘Open Banking data’ menu will then appear. If your client needs FreeAgent’s support team to assist with a technical query that relates to their Open Banking feed(s), select the ‘Grant access’ option.


Select ‘Save changes’ to complete the process of enabling FreeAgent technical support access.


3. Share your account manager ID with the FreeAgent support team

In the ‘Support Access’ area on the right-hand side of the screen, an ‘Active’ status will be displayed, along with a unique 5-digit account manager ID.


When prompted, please share this ID number with the FreeAgent support team member who is helping you. They will then be able to access your client’s account and - if you granted access to it - their Open Banking feed(s). 

Alternatively, send your query, client’s name and account manager ID to The support team will then be able to access your client’s account and - if you granted access to it - their banking data. 

Please note that the support team won’t receive a notification when you enable FreeAgent technical support access on a client’s account and you must share your account manager ID in order to grant them access.

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