Client account statuses

This article explains the three statuses you can assign a client account on your FreeAgent Practice Dashboard and when to make changes to a client’s account status.

Inactive clients

This is the starting status of the client journey. Only account managers will have access to the client’s account, so your client will not be able to log in while their account is inactive.

Account managers should proceed through the setup stages for the client and then change the client account status to ‘active’. Until then, the account will have read-only status and neither you nor your clients will be able to upload transactions.

Active clients

Once a client’s account status changes to 'active' they become immediately billable and your practice will incur charges unless the client has a free account (i.e. through a NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland or Ulster Bank NI business banking current account or a Mettle account).

Setting a client’s account status to ‘active’ will remove the read-only status and will make the account available to both you and your client. You can either change a client’s status from ‘inactive’ to ‘active’ or set the status to ‘active’ immediately.

Closed clients

If your client stops using FreeAgent you can change the client account status to ‘closed’. Once you’ve done this you won’t be able to change the account status back to ‘active’, so be sure to complete any remaining tasks in the account and export any data you might need beforehand.

Account managers will have read-only access to closed client accounts but clients won’t be able to access closed accounts at all.

Once your practice has completed all tasks for the client and you no longer need to keep the data, you can remove the client from your dashboard.

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