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How to link an existing FreeAgent account to your Practice Dashboard

If you link a client's account to your Practice Dashboard, you will gain limited access to their FreeAgent account and the client will continue to manage their own subscription.

You might want to link a client’s account over to your Practice Dashboard if the client is either:

  • a direct FreeAgent subscriber
  • a subscriber through a third-party subscription provider, like Apple

You will need to follow the transfer process if your client is a FreeAgent subscriber through a NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland or Ulster Bank NI business current account or a Mettle account. You will also need to follow the transfer process if you’re taking over the client’s full licence.

Complete the email template and send it to our support team

In your email use the text from our downloadable email linking template. You’ll need to send this to and copy in the client.

The email must be sent from the email address of a registered account manager of your practice’s FreeAgent account. The email address you use for the client must be the account owner’s registered email address in FreeAgent.

In your email, please make it clear that you wish to link the client’s account to your Practice Dashboard, and include the client’s FreeAgent URL in your message.

You’ll notice in the email template that we ask your client to generate a support code. This is because we take the security of our customers’ data very seriously and FreeAgent staff members don't have routine access to your clients’ data or numbers. As a result, our support team will need the support access code in order to complete the linking process.

Once the emails from your practice and your client have been received, FreeAgent’s support team will email you and the client to confirm that you have been linked. You’ll then be able to see your client’s FreeAgent account on your Practice Dashboard and access their accounts.

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