How to move or reorder line items on an invoice

This article explains how to move or reorder line items on an invoice in FreeAgent.

If you create an invoice with more than one line item, you have the option to reorder the line items before you send the invoice to your customer.

Once you’ve added multiple line items to an invoice, the ‘Reorder Items’ button will appear at the bottom of the invoice. Please note that you won’t see this button if you only have one item on the invoice.


Once you’ve selected ‘Reorder Items’ you’ll be able to move the line items up or down the list by dragging and dropping them.

Once you’ve finished reordering the items, select ‘I’ve finished reordering’ to save your changes.


When you’re happy with all the information displayed on the invoice, you can send it as normal. This video provides a step-by-step explanation of the process of sending an invoice in FreeAgent.

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