A guide to the Audit Trail report

This article shows you how to access the Audit Trail report in order to view a record of activity in your FreeAgent account.

This report is particularly handy if you use FreeAgent with an accountant, as it can give both you and your accountant a better understanding of the changes that have been made in your account. You'll need level 7 access or above to your FreeAgent account to view the Audit Trail report.

What is the Audit Trail report?

The Audit Trail report allows you to view a history of the changes made to certain transactions in your FreeAgent account for a maximum of two years. If you enter a date range longer than two years prior to the current date, the report will default to the earliest date that is supported.

The table below shows the date on which each report feature was enabled in FreeAgent. You will be able to see details of all new transactions recorded and updates made to existing transactions from each of these dates in your Audit Trail report.

Audit Trail report feature Date enabled
Creating and editing invoices and bank transactions 22/10/2020
Recording out-of-pocket expenses and mileage claims 30/11/2020
Recording bills 10/12/2020
Recording VAT return submissions that have been filed to HMRC successfully 22/02/2021
Recording VAT return submissions that have been rejected by HMRC 22/02/2021
Recording VAT returns that have been marked as filed 22/02/2021
Recording journal entries 05/04/2021
Recording estimates 05/04/2021

Your Audit Trail report will show the following information regarding out-of-pocket expenses or mileage claims, for example:

  • New transactions recorded on or after 30th November 2020
  • Updates made to existing transactions on or after 30th November 2020

The report will not show any transactions recorded before 30th November 2020.

Please note that there are no 'linked' audits. This means that a bank transaction that paid off an invoice, for example, will only appear as a bank transaction and will not appear in the invoice item history.

Accessing the Audit Trail report

Navigate to the ‘Accounting’ tab at the top of your screen and choose ‘Reports’ from the drop-down menu.


In the ‘Detailed’ section, choose ‘Audit Trail’.


Viewing the information in the Audit Trail report

Apply filters or search

If you wish, you can filter your Audit Trail report by choosing a custom date range, user or item type from the drop-down menus and then selecting 'Apply'. You can also search for relevant keywords by typing in the search box and then choosing 'Search'.


View item history

To see the full history of an item in your Audit Trail report, select 'View History' and then you'll see a pop-up window like the one shown below.


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