How to switch from a Tide integration to an Open Banking bank feed

This article explains how Tide customers can set up an Open Banking bank feed and disable Tide’s discontinued third-party bank feed integration.

Please note that Tide retired their old bank feed integration on 14th March 2020.

If you’re setting up a Tide bank feed for the first time, you can now do this by following our guide to setting up an Open Banking bank feed.

If your FreeAgent account is still connected to your Tide business bank account using the old integration, you will need to change to an Open Banking bank feed.

To do this, first set up a new Open Banking bank feed in FreeAgent using our step-by-step guide.

Then disable your old Tide integration by navigating to ‘Connections’ in your FreeAgent account settings and selecting ‘Manage Approved Applications’. Select ‘Revoke access’ to confirm the removal of the old Tide integration.

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