How to reconcile the figures in the Cashflow panel on the Overview screen

This article explains how FreeAgent calculates the figures in the ‘Cashflow’ panel on the Overview screen.

The ‘Cashflow’ panel on the Overview screen calculates the money coming in and going out of all your business's bank accounts in FreeAgent over different periods of time.

The totals include any daily currency revaluations (if you have multi-currency bank accounts) and transactions awaiting approval but exclude the opening balance of each bank account and any transfers between accounts. For more information, please see this article.

Please note that the ‘Cashflow’ panel on your Overview screen in FreeAgent is different to the software’s Cashflow functionality.

Follow the steps below to see how FreeAgent has calculated the figures on the ‘Cashflow’ panel on the Overview screen.

1. Create a trial balance report using a custom date range

Navigate to the ‘Accounting’ tab at the top of the screen and select ‘Reports’ from the drop-down menu.


Select ‘Trial Balance’ in the ‘Detailed’ section.


Select ‘Custom range’ from the drop-down menu, enter the ‘from’ and ‘to’ dates to match the date range in the ‘Cashflow’ panel and select ‘Show this range’.


2. Navigate to each bank account

Next, select each of the bank accounts from that trial balance report in turn. This ensures that you’re viewing the transactions for the same dates as those included in the ‘Cashflow’ panel totals.


3. Copy to a spreadsheet

Next, copy and paste all the transactions for that date range from each of the bank accounts into a spreadsheet.


4. Filter the spreadsheet

Once all the bank transactions from all the bank accounts for the date range have been copied and pasted into the spreadsheet, you’ll need to apply a filter to the data.

Filter the ‘Description’ column and untick all options that include ‘Transfer from…’. This will exclude bank transactions that have been explained as transfers between bank accounts, as these are not included in the totals on the ‘Cashflow’ panel.

5. Sum the totals

Finally, use the subtotal formula on the ‘Money In’ and ‘Money Out’ columns, as this won’t include the transactions that have been filtered out in the totals.

The total amount of money that has come into all your bank accounts and the total amount of money that has gone out of all your bank accounts for that date range should match the totals on the ‘Cashflow’ panel on the Overview screen.

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