How to set up a new client with a Mettle account

This article explains how to set up a new client with a Mettle-funded FreeAgent account as part of the onboarding process.

If you’re adding a new client with a Mettle-funded FreeAgent account, we would recommend following the steps below to set up their account. If the client won’t have a Mettle-funded account, find out how to add a new client.

Please note that the below process is currently the only way to set up an unincorporated landlord client with a Mettle-funded FreeAgent account, as the unincorporated landlord account type is not available to users who choose to set up a FreeAgent account from within Mettle.

1. Check if the client is eligible for a Mettle account

First, make sure that the client is eligible for a Mettle account.

2. Ask the client to open a Mettle account

Next, send the client a link to Mettle and ask them to download the Mettle app and follow the steps to open a Mettle account.

Tell the client to ignore the invitation to set up a FreeAgent account when they’re opening the Mettle account as you’ll do this for them.

Once the client has opened the Mettle account, ask them to provide you with the sort code and account number so you can set them up with a free licence on your Practice Dashboard.

3. Add the client to your Practice Dashboard

From the ‘Clients’ area of your Practice Dashboard, select the 'Add new client' drop-down menu in the top-right corner and select 'New client'.


Client details

Now you're ready to enter the following details for the client.

Business name and subdomain

Enter the client's business name and the subdomain you'd like them to use as the URL (the web address) for their account. A subdomain should be all lowercase and contain only numbers or letters.

What should I use for the subdomain?

Some accounting and bookkeeper practices use their client reference number as their subdomain. Alternatively, you can use something derived from the business's name. For example, a business called John Smith Rentals might be given ‘johnsmithrentals’ as its subdomain.


Client type

Next, choose the client type for this client. Please note that once the client type is set, it can't be changed later. For example, if a client incorporates their business, they will need a new FreeAgent account.


Client status

Next, choose the client’s status: active or inactive.

What does the client status mean?

An active client will have access to their FreeAgent account and will be able to upload bank transactions. Clients who are inactive won’t have any access to FreeAgent.

Please note that a client can only be active once. If you change their status from ‘Active’ to ‘Closed’, it cannot be changed back to ‘Active’ again. Find out more about client account statuses.

Free licence for your Mettle client

In the ‘Get a Free Licence’ section, select the ‘Yes’ option for 'Does your client have an eligible account?’, then select ‘Mettle’ and enter the account number and sort code for your client’s Mettle account.

Free licence.png

You can then complete the rest of the client setup process in the usual way. Find out more about how to add a new client.

Owner permissions

In order for your client to be able to enjoy a seamless connection with Mettle via the Mettle app, they’ll need at least level 6 (Banking) user permissions in FreeAgent. This will allow them to reconsent their bank feed every 90 days via the Mettle app.


4. Ask the client to enable a Mettle bank feed

Once the client’s account has been set up, ask them to log in to their FreeAgent account and verify their email address with FreeAgent. They can then follow the steps to enable a Mettle bank feed.

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