How to reorder the home screen on the FreeAgent mobile app

This article explains how to change the order of the tiles on the FreeAgent mobile app’s home screen.

Please note that:

  • you’ll need to have level 6 access to your FreeAgent account to view and reorder the home screen
  • this functionality is currently only available on Android devices

The following tiles can be reordered on the overview screen:

  • ‘Admin to-do list’
  • ‘Money In and Out’
  • ‘Cashflow’
  • ‘Operating profit’
  • ‘Tax Timeline’

Begin by opening the FreeAgent mobile app on your Android device and log in using your FreeAgent login details if prompted. If you’ve accessed the app recently, you may be logged in automatically.

Place and hold your finger on the tile you would like to move on the home screen. The tile will expand slightly when it’s ready to move. Continue to hold and drag the tile into the desired order. Lift your finger once it’s in position.

Repeat this process for each tile you would like to move on the home screen.


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