Third-party provider feed Security FAQs

Information about why we've partnered with Yodlee and about Yodlee security.

Why have you partnered with Yodlee?

At the moment, using a bank aggregation service is the best way that we can provide Bank Feeds from a wide range of financial institutions and Yodlee are one of the world leaders in bank aggregation. Over 40 million consumers worldwide, 600 global financial institutions, and 8 of the top 10 U.S. banks have trusted Yodlee to deliver bank aggregation.

What about security?

Yodlee protects your data with strong security measures and regular security and compliance audits. Yodlee undergoes examinations by U.S. Banking regulators including the Federal Financial Institutions Council and the Office of the Controller of the Currency. They are certified as a Payment Cards Industry (PCI) Level 1 Service Provider and have EU Privacy Safe Harbor certification.

How does Yodlee use my login details?

Yodlee uses your securely stored login details for one and only one purpose: to retrieve transactions from your banking site, and nothing else.

Does using Yodlee violate my Bank's Terms and Conditions?

This is an important issue, as some people feel that using Yodlee is in violation of the Terms and Conditions of some banks.

Different banks have different stances on the use of bank aggregation, so you should make an informed decision about whether Bank Feeds are right for you.

For what it’s worth, we believe that Yodlee’s Bank Aggregation service is a safe and convenient way to access your bank transactions, which is why we’ve chosen them as our partner. Ultimately though, it’s your call.

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