How to add a new user to your FreeAgent account

This article explains how to add a new user to your FreeAgent account.

Please note that:

  • You'll need level 7 access or above to add a new user
  • it’s not possible to record payments to a user with the role of ‘Accountant’
  • it’s not possible for a user with the role of ‘Accountant’ to add or edit a user

You'll need to add a new user to your account if you want to record payments to that person such as expense repayments.

How to add a new user

Select 'Settings' from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner and then select 'Users'.


Select 'New User' in the top-right corner.


User details

Next, choose what kind of a user they should be from the ‘Role’ drop-down menu. 

If your bookkeeper is employed by your business and you need to record payments to them, select ‘Employee’ as their role, not ‘Accountant’.


Enter the email address that the individual will use to log into the FreeAgent account and their first and last name.



User password

Tick the checkbox to send the user a customised email to invite them to create a password when they first sign into FreeAgent.


Setting access levels

If you have full (level 8) access to FreeAgent, you’ll see the option to set a permission level for the new user. The default level for a new user is level 7 'Tax, Accounting & Users'. To change this, slide the bar along to the appropriate level of access. For users who'll never need to use FreeAgent, drag the bar fully over to level 0 'No Access'.


For users who need full access to FreeAgent, including advanced features such as creating journals and editing settings such as VAT, drag the bar fully over to the right to level 8 'Full Access'.


Once you've entered the relevant information for the individual, select 'Create new user & Send Invitation' to complete the process.

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