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View or edit an existing user

Here's how to edit an existing user you've already set up in FreeAgent.

You might want to edit an existing user for several reasons. For example, you want to allow your bookkeeper to post journals, and to do that, he or she would need full user permission. Or maybe, an employee has been appointed as a director of the company and you need to change that setting.

How to edit a user

To view or edit a user, go to Settings and then choose Users.


Find the user you wish to edit and select their name.


This loads the User screen for that person, so that you can make any changes you need to. This includes re-sending the email to allow the user to set their password.

How to delete a user

You can't remove a user if you've ever recorded any transactions against that user, such as expenses or a salary. The reason for this is to keep your historic accounting figures intact in case they’re ever needed for a tax inspection, or similar.

If you need to stop a user accessing your account, for example an employee who has left, then drag the user permissions bar right over to the left. You'll see that the user's access is then suspended.


Once you've finished, remember to Save Changes.

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