Billed time showing as unbilled

You're sure you've billed a contact for some time but it's still showing as unbilled in Projects? Here's why that's happened and how to put it right.

You've created an invoice for a project, and you're positive that you billed them for some time you tracked, but when you look at the project, it's still showing as unbilled

Why is that?

The most likely explanation is that when you created the invoice, instead of choosing to "Add Unbilled Time", you added the time to the invoice as a separate item.

How can I put it right?

You need to first take the invoice back to draft status.

Then delete the item you've added for the time (select "Edit" next to the item line, then select the "Delete" button).

Now select the "Edit Details" button and choose to add the unbilled time.

Re-mark the invoice as sent, and if it was paid, re-explain the receipt (if you're uploading your bank transactions) or re-enter it (if you're putting your bank transactions in manually).

The time should now all show as billed. Remember that FreeAgent will only add time that's tracked as spent before the invoice date, not after it.

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