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How to see what income and spending categories you have set up in FreeAgent, and how to change them.

What are categories?

When you add invoice items, expenses, bills or bank entries, you put these into categories to explain the type of income or cost they are. For example, pens and pencils for use in the office would be put into the Stationery category.

At the moment, you can only change income and spending categories, that is, profit and loss account categories. Balance sheet categories can't be changed.

1 Viewing and changing your categories:

Select Settings, then choose Income and Spending Categories.


You can then see your income, cost of sales, and admin expense categories, on the different tabs.


2 Selecting a category to edit:

To edit a category, for example to change its name or VAT rate, select the Edit button next to that category.


It won't let me edit it!

You can't edit categories that already have transactions in them. Some of FreeAgent's pre-set codes, such as the first code for Sales (001), can also not be edited.

3 Make your changes...

Once you've selected the button, you can make any changes you need to.


Then select Update to keep the changes or Cancel to abandon them.

That's it - Is there anything else?

How to delete a category:

To delete a category that's not yet been used, select the cross symbol next to the category's name.


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