Bank Reconciliation

By enabling Bank Feeds, or regularly uploading bank transactions, the amount in FreeAgent should match the amount in your bank account – so you shouldn't need to do a traditional bank reconciliation.

Performing a bank reconciliation simply means matching your accounts back to the bank, and you do this in FreeAgent by adding all your bank transactions and then explaining them.

It’s good practice to regularly check that the amount in FreeAgent does indeed match the amount in your bank account. If you ever notice that the two figures don’t match, you should check that you entered the correct opening balance for your bank account when you added it to FreeAgent. You can do this by navigating to Banking, selecting your bank account from the list of your accounts (if appropriate), then choosing ‘Edit details’. If you’ve enabled a Bank Feed for that bank account, you should also check whether there are any transactions from your bank account that were either missed or duplicated in the Bank Feed.

If you see an 'Import new transactions' button when you view your bank account in FreeAgent, you should press it regularly to ensure your bank balance is kept up to date and you don't risk missing historic transactions. We'd recommend doing this once a week if you can.

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