Login Attempts

This article explains how to view all the login attempts made to your account in the last four weeks. Read our article on active sessions to find out how to view or remove any that look unfamiliar.

NB: You will only see login attempts made after December 6th 2017 (the date this feature was released)

1. Navigate to Settings


2. Scroll down to ‘Security’ and then go to ‘Login Attempts’


 3. You'll now see all login attempts made to your account in the past 4 weeks


I can see a login I don't recognise

If you see a login you don't recognise, go to the Active Sessions section of your Settings page, where you can view and log out any unfamiliar sessions. If you do encounter this, we'd advise you, and any other account users, to immediately reset your password and consider setting up 2-Step Verification on your account.

Who can view login attempts?

If you are the account owner or a level 8 user, you will see all login attempts. All other users will only be able to see their own login attempts.

What does 'Incorrect email' mean?

If an email address is entered incorrectly during login, or no user is associated with that email, you will see 'Incorrect email' as the reason for the login failure. You will also see the incorrectly entered email address under the 'Email' column.

Mobile logins

Please note that you won't see logins made on the mobile app at this time.


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