Spending Categories Report

The Spending Categories Report shows where you're spending your money, including your categorised bills, expenses and bank transactions. This article shows you how to generate this report.

1. Go to Accounting > Reports

Hover over the Accounting tab and select Reports from the drop-down menu.


2. Select Spending Categories

You'll find it in the Breakdown section.


3. Here it is - your Spending Categories Report!



By clicking on the period drop-down menu, you can view this report in two different ways:


Monthly - This breaks down the totals for each individual month over the selected accounting year.

Yearly - This view shows your total annual spending by category, for up to three accounting years.

Sort by column

You can also click on the top row of any column, to sort that column in an ascending or descending manner, depending on whether the arrow is pointing up (ascending) or down (descending).

Here we can see that the category we spent most of our money on in July 2018 was Accommodation and Meals.


Export your report

Simply select the green 'Export your report' button to download the selected report as a CSV file. Once downloaded, the file can be viewed and manipulated easily in your chosen spreadsheet software.


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