How to transfer your FreeAgent account from one accountant's Practice Dashboard to another

This article explains how to transfer your FreeAgent account from one FreeAgent accountant partner’s Practice Dashboard to another, if you start working with a different accountant who is also a FreeAgent partner.

The Practice Dashboard is a tool that allows FreeAgent partner accountants to view and manage their clients’ FreeAgent accounts. If your account has previously been added to an accountant’s Practice Dashboard, they will have full access to it and will be responsible for managing your FreeAgent subscription. You’ll still be able to log in to your FreeAgent account as normal.

1. Ask your original accountant to remove your account from their Practice Dashboard

First, you’ll need to contact your original accountant and ask them to remove your FreeAgent account from their Practice Dashboard.

Once your FreeAgent account has been removed from the original Practice Dashboard, it’ll be placed on a two-week grace period to allow you time to transfer your account to a new Practice Dashboard before the subscription expires.

You’ll receive confirmation of this grace period via email, along with instructions on how to retain your FreeAgent account by signing up to FreeAgent directly (if you are not intending to have it transferred to a new dashboard), or how to cancel your FreeAgent account.

2. Ask your new accountant to add you to their Practice Dashboar

To transfer your FreeAgent account to a different Practice Dashboard, please contact your new accountant. They will need to initiate the transfer.

You’ll need to provide your new accountant with the email address that you use to log in to your FreeAgent account, along with your FreeAgent subdomain, in order for them to begin the process.

Once your new accountant has initiated the transfer, you’ll receive an email asking you to log in to your FreeAgent account and confirm the transfer to their Practice Dashboard.

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