FreeAgent Mobile FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about the FreeAgent Mobile apps for iOS and Android. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please feel free to contact our Support team - they’ll be happy to help!

What do I need to have in order to use FreeAgent Mobile for iOS or Android?

To use the FreeAgent iOS app you need to have:

  • an existing FreeAgent account
  • an iPhone (minimum model of iPhone 5S) that runs iOS 11

To use the FreeAgent Android app you need to have:

  • an existing FreeAgent account
  • a handset running the Lollipop (5.0) version of the Android operating system, or newer

How do I download FreeAgent Mobile for iOS or Android?

You can download the app from iTunes or Apple’s App Store and you can download the Android app from Google Play. FreeAgent's mobile apps for iOS and Android are both completely free to download.

How do I log in to FreeAgent Mobile for iOS or Android?

To log in to either the iOS or Android app, enter your usual FreeAgent username and password. If you have multiple accounts that use the same email address and password, you’ll be asked to choose which account you’d like to log in to. If you want to switch between your accounts, select the ‘log out’ option, then log in again and select a different account from the list.

If you've enabled 2-Step Verification in your FreeAgent account, you'll be prompted to enter a verification code from an authenticator app as part of the login process.

What functionality does FreeAgent Mobile for iOS and Android have?

We’ll be releasing more features over the coming months, but at the moment the app allows you to:

  • log in with Touch ID on all iPhone 5S (and above) iOS devices - you can check out the setup details in our blog post
  • log in with fingerprint authentication on all Android 6.0 devices with fingerprint readers - you can check out the setup details in our blog post
  • view, create and send invoices
  • view and record out-of-pocket expenses and mileage claims
  • capture photos of expense and mileage claim receipts
  • view and add to your list of contacts
  • re-bill expenses and mileage claims
  • view the balances of your bank accounts in FreeAgent
  • explain bank transactions (this feature works best once you've set up a Bank Feed in FreeAgent)
  • create timeslips manually, or with a stopwatch
  • view your profit and loss information for the current tax year
  • attach image files, PDFs, Word and Excel docs (max size 5 MB) from Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive and other third-party storage apps to your expenses and bank transaction explanations

Does my activity in the mobile app sync to the desktop version of FreeAgent?

Yes - everything you do using the mobile app is immediately reflected in your FreeAgent account on desktop.

Can I use Freeagent Mobile for iOS or Android offline?

No, you need to be connected to the internet to use FreeAgent Mobile for iOS or Android.

Can the FreeAgent Support team help me with any questions I have about using FreeAgent Mobile?

Absolutely! You can call or email the team or you can raise a support ticket from within the app itself. To do this, tap on ‘Customer Support’ at the bottom of the overview screen. This will create a draft email to that's pre-populated with details of the mobile device you are using. All you have to do is enter the details of your query and send the email!.

Is FreeAgent Mobile for iOS and Android different to the mobile-friendly web version of FreeAgent?

Yes. For now, the mobile web version of FreeAgent has a more complete overview of your FreeAgent account and allows you to create and manage timeslips, bills, expenses, and contacts. The iOS and Android apps, on the other hand, currently allow you to create and manage invoices, expenses and contacts, and view and explain bank transactions, but we’re working on adding new functionality soon.

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