Correct a paid invoice

How to change an invoice if it has a receipt entered against it and is greyed out.

An invoice that’s been paid can’t have any changes made to it on FreeAgent. You can see here that this invoice is paid and there are no options to make any corrections.


So what can I do to make changes?

You’d have to first delete the payment if you'd entered it manually, i.e. not by upload from Online Banking.

To do this, scroll down the invoice to where, under the invoice total, you can see a link with the payment date and the amount paid. Select this link.


This takes you to the entry for the payment.

Select the “Delete this Entry” button to delete the payment from FreeAgent.


Or, if you've uploaded your bank transactions from online banking, this button would say "Remove this Explanation". This lets you remove the payment from the invoice without actually deleting the payment.

FreeAgent checks that you’re sure you want to do this. Select OK, so long as you are confident that you have chosen the right invoice to edit. If you’re not, then select Cancel to check.


Invoice unpaid

Once you’ve selected OK, the invoice reappears, but now marked as unpaid. You can see that the options to make it a draft, write it off unpaid, or add a manual payment, have reappeared.


But I still can't edit the invoice.

To edit the invoice, select Make Draft, as invoices can only be changed when they’re in draft stage.


You can then make any changes you like.

How do I make changes?

If you want to change the overall details of the invoice, such as the date it was raised, or the contact to which it’s to be sent, select the Edit button at the top.

You can also change individual items by selecting the Edit button at the end of each line item on the invoice, or delete an item entirely by selecting the cross next to the Edit button for that item.

And you can change an item's category by selecting the button under its name. Make sure the Show Income Categories box is ticked if you want to do this.


You can also add more lines to the invoice by selecting the Add an Invoice Item button.

Once you’ve finished making your changes, then send the invoice as normal.

Re-creating the payment

And, once you’ve sent it, or marked it as sent, don’t forget that, if you're manually entering your bank transactions, you will need to re-enter the payment, otherwise your bank account total will not agree.

If the payment came into your primary bank account, you can do this quickly by selecting "Actions" and then “Add manual bank transaction”.


If it came into a different account, you'll need to start from Banking, select the account the payment came into, and manually add the payment there.

And, if you're uploading your bank transactions, you'll need to find the unexplained transaction and re-explain it against this invoice.

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