How to lock your accounts

In this article, we explain how to lock and unlock your accounts in FreeAgent.

About account locking

Locking your accounts in FreeAgent prevents you from editing the data that makes up your accounts, up to a particular date.You might want to lock your accounts after filing statutory accounts or Corporation Tax, for example, or at the end of each tax year. If your accountant has full access to your FreeAgent account, they may lock your accounts on your behalf.

To lock your own accounts, you will need full (level 8) access to your FreeAgent account. Navigate to Settings and select ‘Account locking’ from the ‘Accounting, Tax and VAT' area.


Choosing a lock date

You will see a range of valid dates that you can lock your accounts to on the account locking page.


The most recent date FreeAgent will allow you to lock your accounts to is one week ago.

You won’t be able to lock your accounts to an earlier date than the one displayed in this field.

Locking your accounts

When you’ve chosen an appropriate lock date, enter it in the ‘Manual account locking’ area and select ‘Save’. This will lock your accounts up to and including that date. You’ll see the date in your list of active account locks.


Changing a lock date

To change your account lock date, update the date displayed in the ‘Manual account locking’ area and select ‘Save’. The new date will be displayed in your list of active account locks.

Unlocking your accounts

To remove a lock that you’ve placed on your accounts, select ‘Remove this lock’ next to the lock you want to delete. FreeAgent will ask if you are sure that you want to remove this lock before deleting it.

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