How to add a contact using the FreeAgent mobile app

This article explains how to add a contact using the FreeAgent mobile app.

Any changes you make using the FreeAgent mobile app will be reflected in the desktop version of FreeAgent.

If you need to make changes to a contact, find out how to edit a contact using the FreeAgent mobile app.

How to add a contact

Open the FreeAgent mobile app on your iOS or Android device and log in using your FreeAgent login details if prompted. If you’ve accessed the app recently, you may be logged in automatically.

Tap the three-lined 'hamburger' icon at the top-left of the FreeAgent mobile app and select 'Contacts'.


Tap the '+' at the top-right of the screen and enter the following information.

Contact name

Enter the contact’s first name and last name and/or organisation name by tapping the relevant field(s) and typing the information.

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Contact details

If you’re going to be emailing estimates or invoices to the contact via FreeAgent, you can enter their email address by tapping the ‘Email address’ field and typing the information. If you’re going to email the estimates or invoices to a different email address within the contact’s organisation, enter the email address in the ‘Billing email’ field. You can also enter their phone number and/or mobile number if you wish.

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Address details

Enter the contact’s address by tapping the relevant fields.

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Invoicing options

If the contact is a customer rather than a supplier, and you’re going to be issuing invoices to them, you can enter invoice-related details as explained below.

Default payment terms

To set default payment terms for invoices issued to the contact, tap the ‘Default Payment Terms (days)’ field and enter the relevant information.

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Contact-level sequencing

To override global invoice sequencing, which is the default in FreeAgent, you can toggle the ‘Use contact-level sequencing’ option and use contact-level sequencing instead. For example, using the contact’s or their business’s initials as a prefix for invoices. For more information on invoice numbering in FreeAgent, please see this article.

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Displaying contact name on invoices

To display the contact’s name on invoices, toggle the ‘Display contact name on invoices’ option.

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Charging sales tax

Depending on what you're supplying, and where you're supplying it, you may need to add sales tax to the invoices you issue to this contact. If you don’t need to add sales tax, skip to the next section. If you do need to add sales tax, tap the ‘Charge Sales Tax’ field.

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Select the relevant option from the list. You can choose to:

  • always charge sales tax
  • never charge sales tax
  • only charge sales tax if the contact is based in the same country as your business


If applicable, enter the contact’s sales tax registration number in the ‘sales tax registration number’ field.

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Invoice/estimate language

Select which language you’d like to issue your invoices and estimates in.

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Once you’ve completed all the relevant information for the contact, select ‘Save’ to complete the process and create the new contact.

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