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CSV file formats for bank uploads

This article explains how to manually upload a bank statement to your FreeAgent account.

How to format your CSV file:

To create a basic CSV to upload to FreeAgent you need to include three columns: date, amount and description.

  • Column A - date: Use the date format dd/mm/yyyy
  • Column B - amount: Formatted as 'Number' to 2 decimal places, transactions for money paid out of the bank account should have minus signs in front of them (-) and transactions for money coming into the bank account in should not have minus signs in front of them
  • Column C - description: The invoice reference, or a brief description.


Download an example

Click here to download an example file. Just open it in your preferred spreadsheet software, and then when you're finished, make sure to download or export it as a CSV file.


In your CSV file make sure:

  • You haven’t included a header row
  • The date format is dd/mm/yyyy
  • You've used a single 'amounts' column that contains both money paid out and money paid in
  • There are no commas in your amounts columns
  • You haven't included any quote marks (")
  • Each description is on a single line with no carriage returns
  • The file format is .csv (not .xls or .xlsx)
  • A character delimiter of comma ',' is being used when you export your CSV file.

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