How to record a bill credit note

This article explains how to add a credit note that you've received from a supplier into FreeAgent.

Bill credit notes are credit notes that you receive from a supplier.

Before you start

Check that the supplier you are adding the bill credit note for has been added as a contact, either by uploading their information into FreeAgent, importing them from Basecamp or manually adding them as a new contact, before following the steps below.

Recording the bill credit note

Navigate to the 'Bills' tab at the top of the screen.

Screenshot showing the 'Bills' tab highlighted

Select ‘Add New Bill’ and follow the steps for adding a bill in FreeAgent.


In the 'Bill Contents' section, enter the total price for the line item, or add multiple line items if the bill credit note has more than one line item, as a negative amount.


Please note that once you've created the bill credit note, you may need to net the bill credit note off against a bill.

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