How to add line items to a bill

This article explains how to add line items to a bill that you’ve created in FreeAgent.

In FreeAgent, bills contain line items that detail the specific products or services that you’re being charged for, along with the relevant quantities and prices. You can edit or delete the line items after you've added them to a bill.

Please note that you can add a maximum of 40 line items to a bill, and you can only add one capital asset to a bill. If you’ve purchased more than one capital asset, these will need to be entered as separate bills

Find the bill

Navigate to the ‘Bills’ tab at the top of the screen.


Select the relevant bill from the list.


Add line items to the bill

Select ‘Add bill item’.


This will bring up the 'Add new bill item’ screen.


Next, you’ll need to complete the following information.

Spending category

Select the relevant cost category from the ‘Spending Category’ drop-down menu. You can create custom categories if you need to. If you’re unsure which category to select, please ask your accountant.


Item details

Add a description of the line item in the ‘Details’ field.


Quantity and units

Enter the quantity of units you’re being charged for and then select the relevant unit from the drop-down menu.


If you don't want to show a unit, select ‘-no unit-’, which will leave the unit column blank for the line item on the bill.


Total price

Next, enter the item value in the ‘Total Price’ field. Whether the price is inclusive or exclusive of VAT will depend on the setting selected when creating the bill. If you're recording a credit note that your supplier has given you, which is called a 'bill credit note' in FreeAgent to distinguish it from a credit note you issue to a customer, enter the total amount of the bill credit note as a negative figure.


VAT rate

Set the VAT rate depending on how much VAT was charged by your supplier . If you're going to enter the bill into a category where FreeAgent could automatically choose the right VAT, select 'Auto' VAT. For example, if you leave the VAT rate as 'Auto' and then choose a category that's normally VATable, such as ‘Office Costs’, then FreeAgent will work out standard VAT for you.


To manually enter the VAT amount, select the 'Amount' option from the ‘VAT Rate’ drop-down menu and enter the amount of VAT into the additional field provided. Please note that this is only available for UK FreeAgent account types.


Once you have entered all the necessary details for the bill line item, select 'Save’ to complete the process and add it to the bill. If you need to add additional bill items, select 'Save and add another'. If you no longer want to add this item to the bill, select ‘Cancel’.

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