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How to manage account managers

This article explains how to work with account managers on your dashboard

You need to be set up as a senior account manager yourself to be able to do this. If you need this access, you'll need to speak to the colleague at your practice who set you up to use the software.

Change a colleague's status

If you want to set a colleague as a senior account manager, remove this status, or change any of their other details, select the Account Managers tab.


Select your colleague's name on the list.


This screen lets you change any of their information, including whether this person is a senior account manager.


Change which clients a colleague is managing

You may sometimes need to move clients between colleagues, perhaps because a colleague has left, or been promoted.

Senior account managers can see and access all the practice's client accounts in the software, non-seniors can only see and access their own clients' accounts.

You have the option to bulk move all clients from one account manager to another or you can move clients one-by-one to other account managers.

Move individual clients between account managers

To move clients between colleagues individually, start by going to All Clients.


You can see which account manager is assigned to each client, in the second column of this tab.


Tick the box next to the client or clients that you want to switch.


You can quickly tick all the clients' boxes by ticking the box next to the Name heading.


Once you have chosen the appropriate clients, choose the account manager to whom you want to switch them, from the drop-down menu, and select the Switch button.


These clients will then be moved to your colleague's dashboard and he/she will be able to see and access them.

Bulk switch clients between account managers

Rather than switching each client individually, you can move all clients to an account manager in one go. First, Navigate to the ‘Account Managers’ tab.


Locate the account manager you want to switch the clients from, and select 'Move clients'.


From the drop-down, choose the account manager you want to move all the clients to, then select 'Move'.


That’s it! You’ve successfully moved all the clients from one account manager to another.


Delete an account manager

An account manager can only be deleted if he/she has no clients assigned.

To delete an account manager, go to the Account Managers tab and select that person's row on the list. Select the Delete button on the right.


The software will check that you're sure before deleting the account manager.

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