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Remove a client

Here's how to remove a client from your Practice Dashboard.

Please note that this change is immediate, and you won't be able to access this client's records again after removal.

First, navigate to My Clients/All Clients and click on the client you wish to remove.


Next, select the Remove client button at the top right of the screen. Confirm this in the pop-up that will appear, and then the client will be removed.


Practice managed clients

If you were managing the client's FreeAgent account, then the client will immediately be placed on a two week grace period. The client will receive an email notification of this, and advising them what steps to take to retain their FreeAgent account themselves, or to cancel.

If the client is funded by Royal Bank of Scotland/NatWest/Mettle, once removed the client account will still be funded by Royal Bank of Scotland/NatWest/Mettle and can be used by the client going forward if they wish. We will email the client to inform them of the change.

Linked clients

If the client was linked to your Practice Dashboard, the billing arrangements for the account will remain with the client.  They will be able to access and use the account as before, but your access will be revoked. We will email the client to inform them of the change.

Removed a client by accident?

Don’t worry! Here’s how to link an existing FreeAgent account and how to transfer an existing FreeAgent account. 


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