How to view a project-level profit and loss report

This article explains how to view profit & loss (P&L) reports for each of your projects.

The project-level profit and loss (a.k.a  ‘P&L’) report shows an overview of income and costs for a given project. In order to see the 'Profit & Loss' tab on a project, that project needs to have at least one invoice, bank transaction, bill or expense.

1 Navigate to the ‘Work’ tab and select 'Projects'


2 Select a project


3 Select the ‘Profit & Loss’ tab


You will now see your P&L report for that project. The report shows the totals for each income and/or cost category for the selected project, allowing you to see a breakdown of its profitability.


You can also select the checkbox ‘Include unbillable time’, if you’d like to include unbillable time in the report.


Export your project-level profit & loss report

If you’d like to download this report, simply select the ‘Export Report’ drop-down menu. You can then choose to export either a CSV or a PDF of the report.



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