Show Transactions

The 'Show Transactions' area displays all your transactions in each of the different account categories in FreeAgent. This list is also sometimes called the nominal ledger or general ledger.

To access the 'show transactions' area, simply follow these steps:

1 Select the Accounting menu...

...and choose Show Transactions in the Reports section


2 This is what you'll see:


Why is this screen important?

This is a very useful screen because it lets you see the transactions that make up any of the figures in your profit and loss account, trial balance, or balance sheet. You can also reach the Show Transactions screen quickly from any of these reports by selecting the figure you're interested in, to drill down into it.

3 You can filter the Show Transactions screen like this:

Choose which dates you want to see transactions for. This lets you go back and look at transactions from previous accounting years.


4 Choose which account you'd like to see transactions for

And . Or, you can choose to look at all the transactions at once.


In some cases, you can also select any transaction in the Show Transactions screen to go back to the original entry for that transaction. For example, I can select this line under Sales...


...and go to the invoice.


So as you can see, the Show Transactions screen is very useful if you're trying to trace the history of any of your figures in FreeAgent.

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