Undo a bank statement upload

How to undo a bank statement upload if you discover you've put the wrong transactions into FreeAgent.

That sinking feeling strikes.... You realise you've uploaded the wrong bank statement into FreeAgent. Don't worry you don't have to delete all the transactions individually. There's a quick way to remove the last statement you uploaded.

How to undo a bank statement upload

Go to 'Banking', and select the account you want to undo the upload for (they're under the graph).


Select the 'More' button and then choose 'Undo Last Upload'.


FreeAgent will show you which transactions this will delete.

Decide whether you want to delete all these transactions. If you do, select the 'Delete these Transactions' button. If you don't, choose 'Cancel'.


You can repeat this process if you've uploaded more than one inaccurate statement. FreeAgent will undo the uploads in reverse order, taking out the statement you uploaded most recently first, and then going backwards from there.

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