Storing company files

Here's how to store your general company documents and files in FreeAgent.

This storage area isn't intended for receipts which you attach to your expenses and bills, it's for general files and documents that you might find useful to have handy while you're working on your accounts.

To begin, select your company name and select Files from the drop-down menu, to see any files you already have saved in FreeAgent.



1 Upload a new file

To upload a new file, simply choose the file you wish to upload from your computer.


2 Rename or delete a file

You can rename any files using the Rename option.



Next to the Rename option is a cross – use this to delete a file if you no longer want to have it stored in FreeAgent.


File size limits

You can upload files up to 5MB in size, apart from logos in the Settings area which can only be up to 1MB.

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