Sales tax settings

How to enter your sales tax settings into FreeAgent.

Select 'Settings' from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner and then select 'Sales Tax Settings'.


The 'Sales Tax Settings' screen appears.


This lets you set up your sales taxes as needed.

FreeAgent can handle one or two types of sales tax for Universal customers. In some countries, such as the Republic of Ireland, only one sales tax is charged, VAT. In other countries, such as Canada, there are two sales taxes to track, GST and PST.

You'll see this screen is flexible, for example it lets you choose the name of each tax.



It also lets you choose the rates. If you are going to buy or sell goods and services that do not have sales tax on them, make sure you include an 0% rate for that tax.


Save your changes once you have finished.

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