How to delete a bill

This article explains how to delete a bill that you've added in FreeAgent.

If your supplier has sent you a credit note, you can add a bill credit note for the incorrect bill and then add a new bill with the correct details. Then match the bill credit note against the original bill.

If you would rather not add a bill credit note as described above, you can follow the steps below to delete the bill.

To make changes to the bill details, find out how to edit a bill. You can also edit or delete line items on a bill

1. Find the relevant bill

Select 'Bills' from the menu at the top of the screen.


To filter bills by status or time period, select the relevant option from the drop-down menus.


Select the reference number of the bill you'd like to delete.


If the bill has been marked as paid, you'll need to remove the payment before you can delete it. If the bill is currently open or overdue, you can skip this step and delete the bill.

2. Remove the payment

To remove the payment from the bill, select the blue ‘Payment’ link at the bottom of the bill below the bill total.


If the bill was marked as paid by explaining the bank transaction in the ‘Banking’ area, select ‘Remove this Explanation’ in the top-right to remove the payment from the bill.


If the bill was marked as paid manually, or the bank transaction was entered manually, select ‘Delete this Entry’ in the top-right instead.


Select ‘Yes, delete this transaction’ in the pop-up window to complete the process.


3. Delete the bill

Once the payment has been removed from the bill, select ‘Edit’ in the top-right.


Select ‘Delete this Bill’ in the top-right.


Select ‘Yes, delete the bill’ in the pop-up window to complete the process.


If there is a file attached to the bill, you will have the option to either permanently delete the attachment or move it to your ‘Files’ area. Choose the relevant option and select ‘Yes, delete the bill’ from the pop-up window.


A record of the bill being deleted will appear in your Audit Trail report.


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